Interior designing witnesses a paradigm shift every year due to the rapidly evolving requirements of the prospects. Every year, there’s a trend for new colors, textures, and materials. The pandemic changed how we want to spend time in our homes and offices, which had a drastic impact on how we want our homes and offices to look. As we were all stuck indoors, we turned our attention to our interior surroundings. We started realizing what works best for our lifestyles and reflects our personalities. All these brought surplus reasons to change our interior décor. This post will discuss the top interior designing trends that we expect to dominate in 2022. 

Top Residential Interior Designing Trends

The global lockdown forced us to slow down and spend more time in our homes, inculcating a strong desire to create a visual reflection of our minds and feelings. Research shows that interior designing directly affects our moods and overall health and well-being. There is no wonder that the interior designing trends in 2022 emphasize on making us feel emotional at ease. As we continue to embrace a hybrid work model, we’ll be spending more time at our homes. Here’s a list of top residential interior designing trends that will give your home a world-class and impressive feel. 

   1. Nature-Inspired Surfaces and Objects

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As we are spending more time indoors, we are seeking to strengthen our connection with mother nature. It has simultaneously inspired a resurgence in natural surfaces, such as stoneware, marble, terracotta, and travertine used in various objects, including furniture, decorative items, bathtubs and many more. The raw, imperfect, porous nature of the organic materials add depth, soul and visual intrigue. Besides, these natural objects also mimic the calm and restorative ambiance of the outdoors.

Interior designers Dubai recommend including authentic greenery in your home. Plants not only complement well with natural wood and browns, but they also purify the air. Moreover, seeing your blooms grow brings a deep sense of joy and fulfillment. 

    2. The 70’s Retro Kickback

The 70’s Retro Kickback

A touch of retro can spruce up an interior. Including colors such as burnt orange, moss green and other warm neutral hues brighten up our interiors. You can get pops of colors and patterns from the local market. Loving a retro-styled interior and finding it perfect for your home are two different aspects. If you want to secure the vintage touch of your interior, you need to pay regular visits to the local antique stores, fairs, auctions and markets. Look for the local brands and search for some vintage furniture.

  3. Multifunctional Space

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Single-use space is outdated. In the light or modern architectural strides and designs, we expect the new interior designing trends to feature ideas on multifunctional rooms. The multifunctional space design seems like a fit-out solution that uses every nook and corner of the room with innovative and clean room dividing tactics. 

You can opt for various opportunities to make optimum use of the room. People often miss this as they overlook the vertical space available in each room. You can go for shelving, ladders and platforms, which open several doors and function as the room divides. 

  4. Including Sustainable and Organic Materials

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The interior designing trends in 2022 are experiencing a movement towards maximizing the use of glass. Keeping this in mind, you can go for mirroring nature and stay away from plastics as far as possible. Sustainability is trending and stands as a long-term approach towards greener design. Sustainability as the core of current interior design trends uses energy-efficient designs that reduce the requirements for appliances and choosing eco-friendly materials. 

Top Commercial Interior Designing Trends

     1. Flexible, Pod-Area Layouts

Commercial Interior Designing Trends

Over the years, several companies embraced the open concept of office design. Today, flexible workplaces and “pod-style” layouts are more significant than others. Often, when the employees are there in the office, they seek private spots and enclaves that allow them to work safely. These open-office environments predominately include smaller, private areas and “pod areas’ offering enough workspaces, seating and outlet access. These features allow the employees to take up phone calls, participate in video conferences and carry out their research safely.

  2. Commercial Spaces in Lighter Colors

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One of the significant corporate space interior designing trends that we expect to dominate in 2022 involves using lighter and soothing colors. Interior designers often prefer incorporating a mix of grays, greens and neutrals. Lightwood looks in combination with pops of colors on flooring and walls is another popular option for the office environment. It helps employees remain cheerful, positive and focused on their work. 

Companies are often stringent on colors to comply with the brand guidelines. Several businesses want to incorporate their logos and brand colors into the design of their space, including the furniture. Besides the brand, the floor colorings add energy to a workplace. If an office uses an open floor plan, designers recommend using different pops of colors to separate the spaces and improve navigation.

  3. Natural Lighting

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Another popular office trend for 2022 involves incorporating natural light in the workspace. However, if your workspace does not have ample windows, you can try using diffused light, installing artificial lighting that would mimic natural light and planting ground-level trees and shrubs that protect against sun glare. You can also include matte and non-reflective flooring and walls for commercial interior designs


The blog gives an insight into what architects and interior designers were looking at when it comes to the latest interior designing trends. We hope that these trendy designs will help you in better management of spaces and enhance the aura of your interiors by incorporating elements that you might not have thought of.